Brenda Sevcik
Hometown:  Cedar Falls, Iowa
Major:  Bachelor of Music in Education; Bachelor of Music Performance (organ)
Hobbies:  Running, baking, visiting my family & friends, & going to church
Career Goals:  Make the world a more joyful place
Favorite Trumpet Player/s:  Wynton Marsalis
Favorite Trumpet Recording/s: Libertango (Tine-Thing Helseth)
Favorite Food:  Chocolate
Favorite Book:  Effortless Mastery by Kenny Werner
Strangest Fact About Me: I have five older brother who currently live in four different states
Coolest/Oddest Musical Experience:  Playing as part of a brass quintet along with a massed choir at a Praise & Worship event. The event was held at a cathedral in Sioux Falls, South Dakota as part of a regional conference for the American Choral Directors' Association.