General Information

Applied Lessons - Time arranged with instructor (M - Th)
Lessons are approximately 50 minutes per week. Students are expected to be prepared and on-time. A minimum of two (2) hours of practice time per day will be necessary to effect adequate, measurable improvement!

Trumpet Class - Fridays, 12:00 p.m. (Russell #111 – Bengtson Auditorium) 
Important: This is a required part of being a Trumpet Major at UNI. Register for this during your summer Orientation (Trumpet Seminar) - do not schedule another class at this time!

Brass Seminar - Fridays, 1:00 p.m. (Russell #lll) Attendance is required unless you have a class necessary for graduation

Ensemble Auditions – All Trumpeters will be scheduled for major ensemble auditions (Band and Orchestra) by the conducting faculty. Visit the School of Music website approximately two (2) weeks prior to the beginning of the semester to locate the time & place of your audition. Please also check for the jazz auditions if you are interested in participating in those ensembles.     

Orchestra - Auditions for the Northern Iowa Symphony Orchestra (NISO)  take place at the same time as the Band auditions. lf interested, prepare 3-4 standard orchestral trumpet excerpts.

Wind Ensemble & Symphonic/Concert Band - Prepare the selected material listed on the SOM site. There will also be sight-reading if the audition is in person!

Jazz Bands - These auditions also take place the weekend before the start of the semester. Students interested in playing Lead will be asked to demonstrate high range in addition to their knowledge of jazz styling. Improvisation will be asked for those who show an aptitude in that area. Section players will be asked to demonstrate sound fundamentals, good time, and knowledge of jazz styling. ln all cases, there will be sight reading!