The University of Northern Iowa School of Music offers a distinguished and comprehensive trumpet program. Each student is assured of the opportunity to work with an experienced teacher whose main responsibility is to guide the student in the fullest development of his/her abilities. All students who wish to enter the trumpet program at UNI must first perform an audition for one or more members of the faculty. It is strongly advised that students schedule auditions as early as possible in the school year prior to the semester in which they plan to enroll. 

Scholarship Audition dates are: 
  • Saturday, February 17th
  • Friday, February  23rd
I strongly urge you to be proactive by visiting the campus and applying early. Arrange a time with me so that I can listen to you play and so that we can talk. Discuss the trumpet studio with students who go to school here, as well as with your private instructor and/or band director. 

Please note that there are three steps to the application process:
  • Apply to the University
  • Complete the School of Music Audition Form, and
  • Complete the UNI Financial Aid application. 
You can click here to begin that process. Follow the links from Prospective/undergraduate to Admissions. Applying early can put you in line for university academic scholarships that may not be available later in the year. 

Some people also don't realize that, in addition to the actual application, you also need to audition for acceptance into the School of Music. That information is also available on the website, but feel free to contact me with any questions.

Graduate students must audition (and have completed all necessary paperwork) by February 1st in order to receive full consideration for assistantship and stipend awards.

For more information, contact:
Undergraduate InformationDr. Melinda Boyd (Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies in Music)
Graduate Information Dr. Ann Bradfield  (Associate Director for Graduate Studies in Music)