Book Synopsis:  Due February 11th (Campos); April 21st (Werner and all others)

Recording Reviews: Blog Posts
Classical Trumpet Soloist: Due January 28th (comments February 4th)
Jazz Trumpet Soloist: Due February 25th (comments March 3rd)
Brass Ensemble: Due April 7th (comments April 14th)

Mentor Journals: February 2nd (2); March 1st (3); April 5th (2); May 3rd (3)
Do NOT be late!

 Dr. Grabowski (Faculty Recital): Tuesday, January 23rd, 7:30, Bengtson Aud
Megan Bennett (Junior BM Recital): Wednesday, March 20th, 7:30, Bengtson Aud
Trey Blaser (Senior Composition Recital): Friday, April 19th, 8:00, Davis Hall